Wednesday, June 22, 2011


With new gadgets today focusing on aesthetic as much as technology, designers and companies have been competing with each other to produce the most “futuristic” product. Designer Alexey Chugunnikov has created the idea for the “Rollerphone.”
The Rollerphone sports a fashionable design that snaps around your wrists and projects the time on a see through LED screen to function as both a bracelet and a watch when not in use.
Unfortunately, the Rollerphone is a perfect example of beauty before functionality as it comes nowhere close to its current competition in terms of computing power and usefulness.
The Rollerphone seems convenient because it can sit on the wrist of the individual, eliminating the need to pull it in and out of your pocket or bag. The downside to this is that because it is on your wrist all actions must be performed by using the other hand. This means that texting, dialing numbers and other functions (which have become a main priority of most phones today) are significantly slower.
The phone has a very large media library allowing the user to watch movies and listen to music without a huge drain on the battery. Unfortunately the phone has no headphone jack so unless you play the music directly on the phone’s speaker, this feature becomes useless.
Finally, the phone isn’t waterproof at all and cannot be cleaned easily so most tasks which involve using your hands cannot be performed while wearing the phone and it is always at risk when handling liquids.
Although the phone is beautiful to look at, the functionality of it is far from good and it would be wiser to simply wear a watch and carry a smart phone instead.

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