Sunday, November 14, 2010

Will corruption end in India?

Most of the powerful persons are corrupt and without this quality anyone cannot imagine to become Minister or head of any department. All officers who are on top and vital posts have to learn corrupt practices to survive in the system.

Birds of same feather flock together. Culture of corrupt practice is prevalent in all the departments of the government. Then who will bell the cat?Who will take steps to stop corrupt practice on the ground level?

It is not that system is bad but it is the system which Indians have accepted.

This is why, persons involved in scam of thousands of crores of rupees is least bothered. Politicians after exposure of all scam or scandal make very much hue and cry in a dramatic way and then go for hibernation. Before ending the story they constitute a committee to look into the matter. Such committees are also formed in such a way and manned by such a person that even in two or three decades they cannot decide. They are not provided adequate manpower or infrastructure as happens with judges in courts or officials in Vigilance department or in CBI. In this way Pandora’s Box is closed for ever and lost in dark rooms of the offices. As of now even opposition political parties are very weak and hence congress Party is fearless of any reaction and revolt.

If media men are bold, active and honest they can play a great role in exposure and punishment of corrupt officials and MLAs and MPs. As of now the fact is entirely different. Even media men are dishonest and act as blackmailers and negotiator with criminals. They also act as per money they get from corrupt politicians and officers. This is why most of the news on TV or in print media are related to road accidents, rape, murder etc where some money can be earned by media men if they twist the news as per will of the person who committed such crime.

However this is also true that media men who are honest do not get desired support and safety from police and judiciary. In fact honesty has more often than not become the victim in the hands of dishonesty.

In my opinion politicians and bureaucrats must be tried under the prevention of corruption Act. If persons sitting on top posts are honest they will never allow subordinates to indulge in corruption. If minister or MP of any area is honest, talented, bold, active, disciplined, clever and fearless, there is no power on earth which can stop him stopping his subordinates taking bribe or commission on any work done by them.

On the other hand if a subordinate or junior is honest, loyal and hard worker he or she cannot compel his boss or MP or Minister to be honest without inviting repercussion, torture , frustration, depression, disturbance in peace and even death in some case either for self or his or her family members.
Even judiciary works are affected and manipulated by person who has money or power directly or indirectly. Even police department acts as puppets in the hands of big shots. Then who will save honest persons. Bitter Truth is that position of honest person is always pitiable and miserable.

I therefore feel that , not only apartments handed over to politicians which were allotted originally to Kargil family members be taken back by the government but all those officers and ministers who contributed directly or indirectly in happening of such ugly work must be punished in 30 days . And then only a message will go among corrupt officials that evil doers are punished. This should happen with all evil doers so that even hard core criminal will give a rethought before opting for an act of crime.

Until there is a fear of punishment and humiliation in the minds of evil doers, Indian cannot imagine of getting rid of corruption.

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